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Welcome to the DairoNetwork Store

DairoNetwork is an emerging server and is being worked on since Januari 2020.

At this moment we are hosting gamemodes like Mine Racing 1, SkyBlock and Arcade.
In the future we will upgrade our network with more gamemodes like SkyWars, EggWars and a lot more custom gamemodes.

This is the place to purchase ranks crates and mor stuff for our gamemodes. All ranks are server wide!
Payments are processed through our secure payment gateway, Mollie. Mollie allows you to use a lot of payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Ideal and Creditcards to purchase special perks and more!

All store prices are in European Euro's (€ EUR) by default. The accepted payment methods are as listed below:

Extra Information!

Server IP: play.daironetwork.net
Discord: Here
Website: Here
Do you have any questions? Create a support ticket on our forum.
We only answer questions about payments, all other tickets will be forwarded to the right place. For other questions, go to our Here.

DON'T DOWNGRADE your rank in the store. Please wait until your rank has expired. After that you can buy a lower rank.
An example: If you have Venus for six months and you want Saturn for 3 months. Wait until your Venus rank has expired. Upgrading ranks is possible!

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